Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) is dedicated to strengthening families and connecting them with a broad range of people, organizations, and community resources.  IDPH helps families before health disparities, maltreatment, or crises occur.  To achieve this goal IDPH has entered into an innovative public/private partnership with Quality Assist, Inc. to create the “Parentivity” virtual home visiting system.


Quality Assist, Inc. is an early education company that provides innovative solutions and proven approaches to increase the knowledge, skills, resources, and resourcefulness of all adults who influence the lives, education, and well-being of young children.  It is our core belief that taking action and making changes in our daily lives is a deeply personal and individual choice.  Our goal is to provide evidence-based information, resources, and authentic learning experiences so that choices are informed and intentional.


Quality Assist has formed innovative and collaborative partnerships to ensure that Parentivity is a leading and responsive community connecting families nationwide with the right resources at the right time.

At SRG Technology, we use innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to harness data and information to move people and organizations forward.


Our premier software, Blender™,  is the core technology powering Parentivity and other SRGT solutions in Education, Healthcare and Corporate/Public Safety. Blender is a suite of software tools delivered through a personalized portal framework.  Designed to  create opportunities for collaboration and communication, Blender™ unifies silos of data and provides meaningful, individualized recommendations to drive targeted improvements.


SRGT solutions empower data to ignite action -- inspiring best practices, better results and continuous improvement.

Our Advisory Partners

iFive Alliances

iFive Alliances facilitates collaborative corporate networks, linking businesses and stakeholders with potential partners, advertisers, consumers, and investors.

Level 4 Performance

Level 4 Performance works with companies to insure their services are innovative, sustainable and measurable.  Level 4 provides management services, program design and effectiveness evaluation, and executive coaching.

American Cybersystems

American Cybersystems (ACS) is a multi-national information technology services company that offers staffing and workforce management services to global Fortune 1000 companies, across various industry marketplaces.  ACS has more than 10,000 employees worldwide, working on a global basis for over half of the Fortune 125.

Claire Coles, Ph.D., Emory University School of Medicine, Center for Maternal Substance Abuse & Child Development

Dr. Coles is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Pediatrics, and an expert on factors that affect child development (e.g. drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and social factors).  She is also the Director of the Maternal Substance Abuse and Child Development Center (MSACD) which includes the Emory Neurodevelopment and Exposure Clinic.

Next Step Learning

Next Step Learning is an international training organization that improves corporate performance utilizing technology, experience, global supplier connections and proven processes.


Purpleframe is an educational technology company, which works with major multi-national companies.

EGL Holdings

EGL Holdings is a merchant banking firm that provides capital to early and growth stage enterprises.

Marcia Wessels, Great Start Georgia

Marcia Wessels has worked in the area of child welfare and early childhood prevention for over twenty-five years and in the field of home visiting for fourteen years.  Marcia currently oversees technical assistance and training for universal parent support services and home visiting programs throughout Georgia.


i3Logic provides consulting, strategy and design for performance assessment and learning solutions, including gaming, simulations and performance support.

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Kaplan Early Learning Company is a leading international provider of products and services that enhance children's learning, and a leader in the field of early care and education. Kaplan brings to market innovative curricula, cutting edge assessments, teacher resource materials and valuable professional development opportunities to early childhood and elementary school educators, caregivers and parents around the world.


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